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 Call Blaster is an automated mass Effective communication technique that allows you to send a specific message or information to hundreds or thousands of individuals with only one click. Call Blasting allows the agent to disseminate messages and reach the intended audience promptly in both commercial and community applications.

Customers may use voice recognition to communicate with computers as well as the telephone keypad using Voice logger. This technology can easily handle the wants and inquiries of clients, eliminating the need for any call center person. Call Blasting is a call center productivity booster that is specifically built to handle inbound calls.

Top 10 Benefits of IVR Call Blasting


Analytics: An key element of IVR Call Blasting is data analytics. A user can utilize this to investigate and evaluate information on a customer. By monitoring real-time campaign information, it effectively boosts the efficiency and performance of your campaign.


Automatic Email report: Agents may distribute campaign details to anybody through email using IVR Call Blasting.


DNC [Do Not Call] list: Call Blasting has the capability of separating contacts who ought to be called from those who never return the company's call.


Efficient Campaign Management: Users may utilize Call Blasting to execute and manage many campaigns at the same time. IVR Call Blaster does, in fact, significantly improve the performance of your campaign.


Worldwide: Using IVR Call Blasting technology, targeted audiences and consumers may be effortlessly contacted.


Interactive Customer Experience: IVR Call Blasting provides customers with a network of options by presenting them with specific menus to which they may answer through voice or trackpad.


Flexibility: Call Blasting is as adaptable to your company as it is to your consumers. If necessary, you can change and record a message. It also allows you to create a fresh message and send it out within an hour.


Wider Reach: Unlike other communications, Call Blasting appears to be beneficial to those in the audience who are illiterate and prefer to interact orally.


Consistency: Consistency is a must for every business, but it is unlikely to be achieved through manual calls. The brand may use call blasting to keep its voice, tone, and messaging consistent.


Scalability: IVR is difficult to top when it comes to growing a stronger customer or market base because thousands of calls are placed at the same time.

Bulk SMS Services and Benefits of Bulk SMS.


At a reasonable rate, Asfera Technologies Bulk SMS Services in Delhi provides all sophisticated features. Our Bulk SMS Service is both high-tech and cost-effective. Our users now have access to technical help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide the ability to contact a large number of individuals in a short period of time. Asfera Technologies, a Delhi-based bulk SMS service provider, is always available, so call +919066677770 to take advantage of its services.


Not only do we provide Bulk SMS services in India, but we also offer them throughout India. It provides users with the same service that we provide in Delhi with Bulk SMS.

Bulk SMS Service is currently one of the most cost-effective and efficient marketing methods available. We may send a variety of SMS messages with the Bulk SMS Service. So, if you want a sophisticated Bulk SMS Service, please contact the media IVR Service Provider.

Smart marketing nowadays entails using IVR services and bulk email services. These are highly practical technique of marketing that yields a higher return. So, if you want IVR Service or Bulk Email Service in India.


If you want to develop your business outside your current location and city, Asfera Technologies can help you market it throughout India and other places. Asfera Technologies offers a variety of SMS services in India, including promotional bulk SMS, transactional bulk SMS, and Voice SMS. The bulk SMS marketing services may provide you with all of the advantages. We are here to assist you with all of your promotional activities as a Bulk SMS Service Provider in India.



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